by Antoine Tanguy, Milling and Grain 

The 2017 edition of the "Journée Techniques des Industries Céréalières" (Technical Days of the Grain Industries) took place in Paris from the 8th-9th November, 2017

Held at the Paris Event Center, located near Porte de la Villette in the 19e arrondissement, the two-day show welcomed more than 120 exhibitors from the flour milling and bakeries sector, of whom 25 percent were international. 
Milling and Grain were again exhibiting as media partners with a team of four who engaged with all aspects of JTIC. We had the pleasure of visiting industry leaders such as Bühler, Precia Molen, Lesaffre, Golfetto Sangati, Chopin Technologies, Perten Instruments, Morillon, Buisine (SEFAR) and many more. It was also great to see new exhibitors who had joined this year for the first time such as Hydronix, Henry Simon and FrigorTec. The Milling and Grain smartphone application was particularly well received as well as our publications. We also met with Parantez Group for fruitful discussions about the Turkish industry. 

To put the French grain market into a global context, France is the leading grain producer in the European Union and in 2013, it accounted for 22.2 percent of the European Union"s (EU) grain harvest with its land under cereal cultivation representing 16.3 percent of the EU 28"s total cereal land. In 2013, France was the sixth largest cereal producer in the world and fifth for wheat. 

One of the show"s main attractions for visitors are the conferences it offers and this year there were two conference rooms also in the hall in order to host the six conferences and four technical solutions sessions. 

Similarly the previous edition, job interviews took place once again and were received with great success. On top of this and not to be missed was the JTIC Lab, which exhibited an array of innovative products and services that exhibitors were being promoted at the event such as Chopin Technologies" brand new product the "Spectraneo". 

During his opening speech, Xavier Bourbon, President of the AEMIC (JTIC"s organizer), explained that an audit was made through the last edition whereby the exhibitors as well as the visitors were questioned on potential improvements. The outcome was that people are coming to JTIC to discover new products and services but also to learn about the grain industries. He also discussed various changes in the AEMIC"s team and thanked all of his team for their hard work in organising this year"s show. 

The audit is specifically the reason why they decided to focus on delivering relevant and interesting conferences increasing from four last year to six this year. Presentations included talking about agro-ecology; this year"s wheat harvest and its quality; consumer habits and trends; as well as how the industry should appeal more to the next generation of talent and retain them.The other topics were brewing (wine, bread, beer); how to prevent insect and "Mifid2"; and new European regulation. The conferences had great success and empty seats were few and far between. 

Look out for reports on these conferences being published in upcoming editions of Milling and Grain!

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